Friday, August 30, 2013

MEET the NDN Guide
We travel a lot in the business of gathering footage and interviews for our productions at Urban Rez and SAMAQAN Water stories. During our expeditions we meet some very interesting people, visit some great locations and when we find a great restaurant or diner,  we indulge our senses. And when we are not on location we mostly miss the food and wine. So my Sweety and I will travel to do that.

Many of my friends ask me for recommendations for restaurants, etc. Well here goes. Thats why I decided to do this blog, to write about food, wine and other good times. I may want to talk about Art, Music, Theatre or film and TV. I may want to talk politics, but thats only after a few.

The thing about our current TV series is that while we gather water stories we are constantly faced with the fact that, well, its water. What lives and breathes in water but fish: MY FAVORITE foods.

So the letters NDN are a play on the word Indian. Of course everybody should know by now that we were called Indians by mistake. We all have our Tribal names, but it is usually in our language. The priests and census takers also gave us Tribal names when they stumbled on our territories. It was usually a mispronounced version of what we called ourselves. Canadians came up with Natives, so I was called Native for many years. In 1983 we officially became aboriginal people when our rights were vaguely enshrined in the Canadian constitution. But I don't think of myself as aboriginal. Thats why today I am an NDN guide.

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